The 2019 Fitness Summit, May 3-4





The most fun and informative fitness conference is back for its 11th run in Kansas City. The Fitness Summit is the conference to go to if you want to make new friends, meet up with old ones, and have a fun weekend while also learning a lot from some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry. 

Registration to the Fitness Summit includes lunch both Friday and Saturday. Attendees and their significant others are also invited and encouraged to attend the social events following the conference both days. The social events are great opportunities to pick the brains of our speakers and other fitness professionals and enthusiasts. 

Presentations at the Fitness Summit typically last an hour each and are a mixture of lecture and practical application. The Summit is held in a casual gym setting because this is a fun fitness event, after all. There’s no need to be stuffy or formal. 


Lee Boyce

Lee’s presentation will focus on shoulders and shoulder health and he’ll also show you how to make adaptations to common lifts based on limb lengths and leverages. 

Kelly Coffey

Kelly’s presentation is titled ‘Not “Fixed”: What I Do Every Day To Maintain 150+ Pound Weight Loss (For 15 Years (And Counting)’

Bret Contreras

Bret’s lecture will focus on, what else, the glutes. Anything and everything you need to know about your posterior will be included in Bret’s presentation.

Mike Doehla

Mike will tell the story of Stronger U and explain what he’s learned along the way in creating an extremely successful website.

Ryan Ketchum

Ryan’s presentation is titled “3 Marketing Mistakes Every Fitness Professional Must Avoid (and How To Find, Attract and Convert Your Ideal Client)”

Dr. Susan Kleiner

Ever wondered about heritage grains? Susan will have all your questions answered in “Grain Brain? Wheat Belly? Not in this loaf: The science, processing and culinary art of heritage grains.”

James Krieger

James will show you how to best eat and train for maximum hypertrophy. If you want to get bigger or have clients that want to get bigger, you don’t want to miss this science-based presentation.

Dr. Lisa Lewis

Lisa’s presentation is titled “Psych Skills for Fitness Pros.” A licensed psychologist, Lisa will review the top psychological skills that strength coaches and personal trainers use with their clients help you develop and improve these skills to maximize your clients’ results.

Carolyn MacDonald

Carolyn will take you through the steps of launching an online product from the first step of idea to the last step of reality.

Mike T. Nelson

CBD is all the rage this year. Mike will explain if it’s worth all the attention it’s getting and what, if anything, it can be best utilized for.

Greg Nuckols

Greg’s presentation will examine the complicated relationship between strength and hypertrophy and why it’s not always as simple as “bigger equals stronger.”

Leigh Peele

Leigh has been in the fitness industry for 10 years now. As the fitness industry continues to get more and more competitive and more and more crazy promises emerge, you’ll learn about Leigh’s experience in the fitness industry and some science to help your clients and make your business grow.

Melody Schoenfeld

Want to start utilizing some isometric training in your and your clients’ programs? Melody’s presentation will help you add another tool to your training toolbox.


Lou Schuler



Location: Olympic Gym KC (formerly Impact Elite Fitness, 7932 N Oak Trafficway)

Dates and times: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. both Friday and Saturday


*Rates start at $117 a night. You must call the hotel for a group rate if your stay is outside Thu. May 2-Sun. May 5

Social Events

Friday Night: Gathering place TBD.

Saturday Night: 6:30 p.m. at Chicken N Pickle (where we hung out a year ago).

All attendees are responsible for their own food and drink costs at social events. 

Communication: All Summit-related communication will be delivered via your contact email on your PayPal registration. Your PayPal confirmation is your receipt and proof of purchase. 

You will receive a lunch preference form no later than April 5 where you can choose what you want for lunch for both days. Included in your lunch form will be more specifics about the social events.

An agenda outlining everything — and we mean everything — you need to know about the event will be sent out two weeks before. 

CEUs: The Summit has been approved for CEUs by the NSCA and NASM for the past 10 years and that’s not changing in 2019.

Attire: Gym clothes

Group discounts are available: If you’re registering a group of five or more, message for group discount rates.

Sponsorship: If you think your product or service would be a great fit for the Summit’s audience, let us know. We’d love to find a sponsorship opportunity that works for you.

Questions: or message us on Facebook. 


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